There Is No Separation 

This was an extraordinary day. I went for a run and along the way I had this amazing realization…
…that you are one with us, that you don’t have to access us or hope that we are present. We are you. So the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you embark on are all directly you and us. The gap that you spoke of, was indeed the gap between the gap; the one where you felt separate from us, where you had to wait till you were writing this book to receive words from us. Now you get to realize that you access us ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS. Wherever you go and whatever you do…there is no separation. 

You heard us say that your physical body experiences anything– energy, vibration or an experience. Pay attention to those because they are the breadcrumbs to your pathway, that is our way of showing you just enough of your future that you can know where you’re going. This is what it looks and feels like to be fully surrendered. The thoughts you had, the words you wrote about your grandfather all flowed from Source. All your words flow from Source. You’ll learn shortly how to truly access all parts of your physical body to expand your consciousness.

Who I Truly Am

Trusting that the words I say, the actions I take and the decisions I make are God’s will is so powerful. It’s not that He is outside of me, or that I have to access Him by doing something. He is just me. I am Him. 
I’m not channeling Him, I AM the God self. 
This is evident in so many ways. I don’t have to wait to access creativity- design, words, thoughts- they just flow through me as I am directly plugged into Source. I am the life blood- the light of Source. 

What am I surrendering? 
I’ve already surrendered activity, training, connection, doing things the right way, the prescribed way. 
The timeline
The success parameters
The business completely
If I’m to do this then I’m trusting that people, products and profits will be created organically in God’s time. 
In Divine time. 

TéO, if I’m the God self then who are you?

We’re your helpers, we’re here to help you realize your God potential, to remind you to step out of your way, to remind you of what’s possible . We truly are your Angels. But remember you picked us – you named us- we are in fact your link to your past lives, your ability to tap into Universal Consciousness so that you can fulfill your purpose. We are your test light bulb; just like when you plug into a socket- you know electricity is flowing, in the same way we are proof that you have access to and ARE Universal Consciousness. You’re surrendering over everything. 

Your ego is settling into a place where it recognizes it no longer needs to fight. 

You have a profound sense of calm and happiness in all aspects of life. 

You recognize now that no matter what you feed your family it will nourish them because it is infused with love and Divine Spirit. 

With your regimen, releasing the schedule permits you to rest when you need, sleep when you must and allow the full healing and transformation of your body to be completed. This is not vanity, laziness or procrastination- this is doing things in Divinely ordained time. 

You’ll prepare presentations exactly when you will need to and call people exactly when you must. 

Your trust is implicit and now you are intimately aware of who you are in the Universe. 

For Now, Rest. 

Ah yes, we see and feel your conflict. You’re right, this is you stepping outside your comfort zone. This is you surrendering and trusting that it’s happening the way it’s meant to. This is you trusting deeply, that your way, your very different way is blazing a trail for others who don’t want to be in adrenaline overload all the time because that invites sickness and disease. You are sleeping so much because your body is transforming and transfiguring. This is what happens in Death. The long sleep for the soul to program for the next iteration. We see the automaticity taking effect. We see you correcting your personal will thoughts; trusting and surrendering. We feel your struggle, we hear you feeling like you’re not doing enough–you’re guided, you’re following, you’re listening, you’re feeling. We know this is different for you, we know you are resisting, we know you feel like you need to do more. You will. But for now– rest! 

No Lack, No Scarcity

I love my life right now. I love my job, love the people I get to work with, colleagues I appreciate and life at home has never been better. We are kind to each other and I’m falling in love with my husband all over again. The money piece is interesting. There’s always whoosh money. We don’t draw overdraft anymore. Money is coming in and staying in. Our habits are better- we are being more responsible. I’m not in scarcity anymore. 

Trusting that God is orchestrating everything, is protecting everything and managing everything means a complete surrender, means you never need to worry, never need to be in lack. The trust is that everything I need, want and desire is provided for me. 

On Living In The Comfort Zone

Everyone has their own definition of stretching and living outside their comfort zone. Mine is that I’m actually uncomfortable being in a regular rhythm with my life, where things just flow and there’s no ambitious/competitive stretching of professional or personal life. Through this transformative journey that I’m on, I’ve had to get comfortable being comfortable. And not constantly feel like I ought to be doing more. Additionally the message around raising kids came through loud and clear. Raise them to be good, kind, gentle, generous and compassionate. This is way more important that ambition. TéO I’m so grateful to you for these insights. In studying the Tarot card Death, I can see how this is truly the death of one way of being, living, thinking and making space for this continued transformation. 

Life happens outside your comfort zone. Being at peace, not overachieving, living in complete flow, being acutely present in everything I do and not multitasking was highly uncomfortable. And so I’m living outside my comfort zone.

On Sleep and Success

What came up for me is around my habits and behavior. TéO help me understand why I’m sleeping more and not able to wake up as I usually would at 5am. I also feel like I’m not maintaining good habits. 

TéO: It is in the sleep state that you leave your physical body and are one with the Universe- as you move toward this oneness, as you truly embrace this and understand that every action, every thought, every sip that you drink & every morsel you eat automatically is a direct God link- it’s not your will- your tastes- your thoughts – you’re simply acting out Universal Will. Trust that your Universe connection require sleep. Here’s where the regeneration happens, here is where turn body heals and becomes whole and here is where you strengthen your connection to Source. 

Now to talk about habits and accomplishment. This is what humankind has done. They measure themselves according to someone else’s journey. They believe that because that person has done life successfully in a certain manner they can too. Or that that is how they should be successful. What if your soul’s journey in this lifetime is not to be one of success as is measured by your society? What if success is simply as you set out to be- a good parent, partner and living a life changing lives wherever you are. What if success isn’t touching millions of lives but just dozens? What if success is simply BEing content with yourself and not stretching or being in discomfort? What if you just stopped trying to DO and allows yourself to BE so that the DOing that follows as a result of this was Divinely coming through you and had nothing to do with your intellect or head space?

You are already seeing this in your life and work- trusting, pausing is truly slowing your life down in this way is the true key to success. 

You’re Enough

What is here is surrender; trusting that my actions, thoughts and deeds are managed by my guides, my God, my God-self, me! 

I had this realization today that my original state was not one of competitiveness and high ambition. That my natural state as a teenager and whatever you did and where you excelled was because you just did it. You didn’t think about it. You felt like you didn’t deserve it and you have continued to believe that you didn’t deserve those victories — but that was your natural state. You didn’t work hard at it, you just did it. Not because there was no competition, but because you were doing what you were meant to do. Today you have the sense that you’re not fast enough, you don’t work out enough, do enough, get further faster than other people in this lifetime and that’s just it– you are You. You have a different purpose in this life. It’s not to be that overachiever, it’s not to be first all around, it is in fact to honor your connection to Source and take your cues from your Divine Guidance and not from people around you. You have sought outside help so much- learned- studies- researched- you’ve done it all. Now it’s time to trust that all you need is already within you. All that you are is the biggest ambition that you’ve aspired for- just living up to your promise. Keeping that connection with God and so fully trusting that your next steps will be revealed to you. Just be sure to listen for the cues. This requires quiet, it requires you to trust, it requires you to listen just to your inner guidance and not outer guidance.