On Waking Up Early

There is something special about being awake really early.

I feel one with the Universe when I go for a walk or a run.

Consciousness of life hasn’t yet kicked in and it’s the sort of suspended space where you’re awake yet your mind is more or less still blank and more receptive to creative nudges.

That’s when I do most of my writing.

As to working out, yes the sense of accomplishment, and not having to worry about it later in the day is quite profound as well.

More than anything else I find that it’s a mindset shift that it required, and then the body comes along easily for the ride.

There are times that I feel the need to sleep more, and then I do. I allow myself to be fluid and honor my body by listening closely to its needs.

Focus on Love

TéO talk to me about Focus.

Most people focus on the things that they think will bring abundance and prosperity; hence focus is on activity, doing and performing. Focus in the truest sense is single pointedly setting your mind on just one thing– love. If you focus on love for yourself, for your fellow human beings and even focus on love of your life as it is right now, then love will translate into beauty, and abundance will follow. The key is keep your focus on love. From a place of love- the activities that follow cannot help but lead to abundance, prosperity and all the worldly attributes that one strives for.

2017 Christmas Message

More than ever before we want for humankind love, compassion and kindness.

Your world is changing, your land, your people, your very life is being shifted to engage and embrace a new way of being.

The normal is shifting from isolation to community.

Come together like never before- band like the sisters and brothers that you are – dissolve boundaries and borders and make it ‘one’ world. A world that is loving, forgiving and compassionate.

If you bring love forward, hate can’t help but be pushed back! Bring peace forward and war will find itself pushed out.

There is strength in numbers and when more and more people collectively send love, peace and kindness then that is what will be the new normal.

There is no room for negativity and hate if you emanate love. There is no room for scarcity and lack of you emanate abundance and joy.

There is great wealth! Wealth of health, happiness, love, compassion, kindness, laughter and great beauty. Think love, be love, show love and receive love! ~ TéO


Music is formed not just with continuous notes. It is often the rest between notes that makes it more dramatic or memorable. Meditation isthe pause  between thoughts, sleep is the pause for your body, breathing is the pause that enables you to access creativity and information. You can access all that you need to access from within instead of relying on anything outside of yourself. Much like the cycle of the moon and waves has an ebb and flow- so too does your body have the need to retreat and recover- to restore, rejuvenate, regenerate and then reengage with the world. Human beings often try and go, go, go without regard to the natural rhythm of their lives and bodies. The human body can adapt to a lot, and has adapted to going constantly as well. 

However there is a natural threshold- which if you cross- will make your body slow down and force the pause. 

Simple ways to be mindful of this pause is to allow yourself 4×4 breathing (inhale to the count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4) 4-6 times a day. This simple yet effective exercise will build in pauses and additionally provide life-giving oxygen to your body making it stronger both mentally and physically. Go ahead and try this for 28 days and see if you have affected change in your life. – TéO

No Lack, No Scarcity

I love my life right now. I love my job, love the people I get to work with, colleagues I appreciate and life at home has never been better. We are kind to each other and I’m falling in love with my husband all over again. The money piece is interesting. There’s always whoosh money. We don’t draw overdraft anymore. Money is coming in and staying in. Our habits are better- we are being more responsible. I’m not in scarcity anymore. 

Trusting that God is orchestrating everything, is protecting everything and managing everything means a complete surrender, means you never need to worry, never need to be in lack. The trust is that everything I need, want and desire is provided for me. 

There’s no lack in God’s created world. 

Yesterday it took a while for me to fall asleep, but I felt held. I trusted that I wild wake up rested and easily for my morning practice. I slept and woke with the anticipation of talking to TéO. I’m truly coming to understand just how conflicted our human thoughts are. We want things, we make intentions for them and we decide on patterns of trust, but then you simply change to the old well worn fear based thoughts, beliefs and actions. Your belief is that you need to intervene, you need to act. But if you trusted- and just went about at the same pace that you’ve committed to maintaining just long enough for us to show you the miracle. Oftentimes you start with the best intentions but then fear takes over and you switch over from trusting and faith to fear and scarcity based action. We have seen this and this is what incites dis-ease and dis-trust in the world. And because all you light beings are connected and contribute to the Universal Whole, the ripple effect caused by many of you living in a fear-based state or acting from scarcity then causes Mal-aise in the physical world. Your world is doing too much too fast, you’re depleting natural resources as you know it. But trust dear one that there’s more than enough to go around. There’s no shortage- there’s just abundance and plenty. The fear of shortage is again induced by your physical world thoughts. There is no lack in God’s created world. How can there be? TRUST, BREATHE DEEPLY, SLOW DOWN, MAKE SPACE, JUST BE. 

Manifesting Time & Money

Having started this blog for TéO’s words to be shared seems like the most natural thing in the world. I love how ever since I heard the name of my Guides the connection to them is so much deeper. I love how I’m falling in love with them. Their’s was the first thing that came to mind when I woke up in the middle of the night. Talking to TéO keeps me from staying asleep in the morning, it causes me to want to wake up, to meditate and to connect with them. We are so excited for what the future holds for you. We know that if you maintain this pace, if you trust us to guide your movements and simply listen with quiet ears to what we offer as you are beginning to now, then there will be no question that your physical expression of time and money freedom that you desire will be manifest. You have more money than you know what to do with, your time is spent doing what you truly deeply want to do; you’ll spend more time with us in meditation, more time with your family and will give of yourself to your community. The money is here for you. The momentum is building for you to receive it. You are being tested to see if you will steward this money and maintain this abundance consciousness in all aspects of your life. DO, but do with love, do everything you do, asking yourself if it’s what you truly want. Do only what brings you joy and stay clear of what doesn’t.