Your Physical Self

Your work is accelerating, the actions you are taking are all in preparation for cleansing the old, to show clarity and looking inside you to see that all is well.

It is time to fall in love with who you are and what you look like. This is necessary for what is next. Your physical form is what is important for the process because it is beacon of hope and light for a lot of people so show that you love yourself. It is from here that you will express what you need to do and who you be in the world so ensure that it is of and in the form of love for yourself just as your love for nature, animals and other human forms.

Be more aware of the thoughts you think on yourself – be more aware of the way you look at yourself and faults you see. There are no faults. Your physical form is perfect just the way it is. It is the mental capacity that you need to shift – to make space to truly love yourself, your physical body and the image of who and how you see yourself,

To fully express as a spiritual being requires a love and appreciation for your physical form. Your purpose is to help people care for this physical form so that they can manifest their full destiny- because the physical form is how they can express their God self in this life and it is the physical vessel that is the vehicle to evolution and growth in the next life.

The How is Arbonne, the Why is because you are teaching them to be good stewards of their body- this physical form so that they can fulfill their God purpose.


TéO, I met someone yesterday. Meeting her was like getting splashed with cold water when you don’t expect to…it’s refreshing, but in a jarring sort of way. Why is she here?

She is a mirror for people she encounters. A conduit for them to find their way back to themselves. She must first recognize that there is no wrong way. There is just the way. Every thought, action and motion is closely orchestrated to bring her closer into alignment. She needs to recognize them as such and trust that every person is there to show her herself. The people she is put in front of are there to help her get closer to herself. There is no wrong. She is a conduit to show people their right by birth.

Stay grounded H.M., practice quiet patient listening, listen for the pauses between the noise.

Your role is to help polish the diamond in the rough. She is you when you first found yourself.

On Waking Up Early

There is something special about being awake really early.

I feel one with the Universe when I go for a walk or a run.

Consciousness of life hasn’t yet kicked in and it’s the sort of suspended space where you’re awake yet your mind is more or less still blank and more receptive to creative nudges.

That’s when I do most of my writing.

As to working out, yes the sense of accomplishment, and not having to worry about it later in the day is quite profound as well.

More than anything else I find that it’s a mindset shift that it required, and then the body comes along easily for the ride.

There are times that I feel the need to sleep more, and then I do. I allow myself to be fluid and honor my body by listening closely to its needs.


You can be in a war zone and be completely at peace. You can stand in a chaotic place like Legoland and be at peace because the wellspring of peace, the source of it is within you. Who you BE in the world doesn’t change with where you are. That stays the same regardless of the interactions.

Your True North, your Guiding Star is your inner guidance that drives you forward.

If you can tap into this Source within– if you can actually use the power that is latent within you to slow you down, to steady your heartbeat, to pause your step, your thoughts, your breath and your pace, you will find peace.

Peace isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a state of heart. Peace is what will help you live your greatest potential.

It’s not in DOING that life is won. It’s in the BEING. You can BE only when you are at peace with who you are. You can be at peace with who you are only if you find that stillness within you.

Once you do, your life could be full speed ahead- but at complete peace with who you are in the world – and from that place- you will find a wellspring of everything you need to propel you forward at light speed. Because after all, time is relative.

A Rent In The Fabric

I have these words in my head…”there’s a rent in the fabric…i can see through…” what does this mean TéO?

TéO: remember all is for your wellbeing. Things happen for you, not too you. When you are complete accepting of this; when you recognize this as a surety, you are able to easily start to see things as they are. The rent in the fabric is the removal of the film from your vision- it is a peephole at the moment – where you see things as they truly are- not better or worse- just as they are. You get to remove the layer of mind analysis and be free of the clutter – and stay present and focused on the present.

The Universe has your back but is also all around- there is not a space where it’s not.

When you embrace this – when you recognize that nothing is not divinely orchestrated. The natural disasters are as much a part of the plan as the miracles of nature. Nothing is accidental.

You believe you have control over what it is you are doing. To some degree you do, but the outcome is pre-written; it is orchestrated to be a part of the grand harmony of the Universe. You cannot be, will not be, and are not out of tune in this Universal Masterpiece. Everyone had their role, place and purpose. Yes– even death, disease, hate- alongside life, health and compassion.

Remember you wouldn’t know what compassion looks like if you didn’t understand hate. You wouldn’t know what light looks like if you didn’t understand darkness, and you wouldn’t know what health looks like if you didn’t know disease.

However you wish to look at this; be mindful that your role is to be you. Listen for the subtle messages, watch for the nudges, pay attention to the coincidences…see them for what they truly are. Breadcrumbs from the Universe. Nothing will surprise or upset you if you do. When you begin to recognize the coincidences for what they are; synchronicity; your alignment with the wheel of the Universe, then you start to experience, see more and bear witness to more. Before long you recognize that this is the Way. The Only Way, has always been The Way. That you have just been unaware of what was and is happening around you. This is what it is to start to awaken.

Remember the journey always starts with you and IS you. The people who will hold your hand, open the door, shine a light and help your alignment will appear to you only when you’re ready to receive them. The teachers, guides and door openers are waiting for you to open your eyes.

On Dealing With Someone You Love

TéO, help me understand how i am to deal with him?

He is your mirror in many ways- he is here for your next level growth. You have your own personal growth met – when you heed that, you are able to not get sucked in and respond from the place where you always respond from. We will help you in this matter – just remember to let us in. Create space and quiet for us to talk through you. Keep The Alchemist on his bedside and remind him to read it. He is on the verge of a major breakthrough and he needs to maintain his equilibrium and be in harmony. His is the sign of the scales- Justice- Libra- this is so vital to him. Injustice is hard for him to allow into his experiences hence his freakout. Help him understand that this is who he is, and to temper the peaks and valleys and maintain harmony and equilibrium to absorb the stress into his being doesn’t serve him and is not why he experiences stress. He experiences stress to manage it. To round out one more aspect of his personality- to make one more facet of his diamond shine. He is extraordinary. He is closer on his evolutionary journey than so many. If he only allows himself the space to Believe!

His genius is unmatched in his time and how he manages his state matters for his genius to be uncovered.

Focus on Love

TéO talk to me about Focus.

Most people focus on the things that they think will bring abundance and prosperity; hence focus is on activity, doing and performing. Focus in the truest sense is single pointedly setting your mind on just one thing– love. If you focus on love for yourself, for your fellow human beings and even focus on love of your life as it is right now, then love will translate into beauty, and abundance will follow. The key is keep your focus on love. From a place of love- the activities that follow cannot help but lead to abundance, prosperity and all the worldly attributes that one strives for.

2017 Christmas Message

More than ever before we want for humankind love, compassion and kindness.

Your world is changing, your land, your people, your very life is being shifted to engage and embrace a new way of being.

The normal is shifting from isolation to community.

Come together like never before- band like the sisters and brothers that you are – dissolve boundaries and borders and make it ‘one’ world. A world that is loving, forgiving and compassionate.

If you bring love forward, hate can’t help but be pushed back! Bring peace forward and war will find itself pushed out.

There is strength in numbers and when more and more people collectively send love, peace and kindness then that is what will be the new normal.

There is no room for negativity and hate if you emanate love. There is no room for scarcity and lack of you emanate abundance and joy.

There is great wealth! Wealth of health, happiness, love, compassion, kindness, laughter and great beauty. Think love, be love, show love and receive love! ~ TéO


Priorities are where you spend your time as a result of what you think is most important to you. 

If you believe that your family is most important then that is where you spend your time. 

Most people go through life spending the least amount of time with the people they believe to be most important because they believe they are focused on that aspect of their lives for their most important priorities. 

Your job is to intend the most important priority and then trust that life opens up and flows exactly the way it should to allow you to make your important priority important. 
Your job is to not rush in and fill the space with other non-important priorities or tasks. 
Trust that you will spend your time in your priority way. 

Stay reflective about how and where to spend your time and don’t rush to be all things to all people. 


Mindful Eating 

Being mindful and making a conscious choice with your food is key and not just giving in to the food you see before you. Be aware of the food you consume; this is good and healthy. This is all you are to do. The rest will make itself apparent to you. It is mindlessly consumption with no consideration to health or consequences is what we wish for you to avoid. This is when eating becomes an unconscious act of killing an animal for food. However when it is done with reverence and intention then there is a layer of consciousness that ensures that the animal sacrificed has played its role in the universal consciousness and that the cycle is complete of all food that is ultimately grown from God’s creation. It is important to revere the process of growth and the way for you to best do this is to be reverent of the food you consume- be mindful about what you consume and why. This will enable you to eat only what you need for nourishment. You will enjoy it greatly and will no longer eat for the pleasure of the physical body or for the emotional state. As you know neither of those states are long lasting. This allows you to disassociate your nourishment from your emotions there by giving you greater control over your food and allowing yourself to love your ideal life with your ideal body shape and weight. These are not the human-imposed limitations of weight- rather what your Soul came to inhabit in the first place. This is a simple process and yes you will find yourself resisting its ease. Rather than succumb to this, simply acknowledge to yourself that this is easy- and it will be so. – TéO