Where There Is Love

Where there is love
there is no fear or hate,
there is light.
The ambient grays of life
seem to receive a burst of color.
A divine spark of inspiration,
a hug,
a smile,
a gentle touch,
can transform dark to light,
and hate to love.
Look into eyes,
Walk not with your head
above the clouds.
Serve if you seek to be served,
love if you seek to be loved.
Laugh if you seek happiness,
give if you seek abundance.
For in the giving of yourself wholly, soul-ly and completely,
you find yourself completely and wholly fulfilled.


Sleep is when I talk to you and work through you.

It is when your analytical mind has finally shut down and I can take over and love, heal and work on you…my perfection.

Sleep not only heal and regenerates, sleep helps you connect to the Divine.

Sleep equalizes life.

You’re neither rich, nor poor, happy nor sad, you feel no other emotions when you sleep.

You think nothing, are nothing and feel nothing.

Sleep restores you to the way the Divine creates you.

Sleep is my time with you, don’t short change me.

You get 16 hours, be sure to give me 8.

Love Your Body

Find your place.

Hold your space in the world.


Be kind.

To yourself especially.

Be slow when your body needs you to be. Not because you can’t power through, but because that’s what listening is about.

You can overrule the messages from your body. You can run rough shod all over it.

And it, like the faithful vessel that it is will absorb the shock of impact over and over again like a strong vehicle.

Until it doesn’t and then the built up impact of the repeated shocks will knock you off for months at a time.

Dis-ease is a way for your body to catch your attention and focus you on IT, if you fail to do it the other way.

So learn to be acutely aware of your body. It is not a distraction from your work you must do in the world. It is your equal partner. It’s like trying to cook with a hand tied behind your back. You can do a fairly good job, but it’s not your best work. After all it is the vessel through which the work gets done.

Much like you would care for your car after a long road trip– you would wash and detail it and do some regular maintenance on it. So too must you care for your body with love and respect, the vehicle by which you do your work in this lifetime.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and deepen your breathing. Do a mental body scan from head to toe. Be kind to the parts that draw your attention to them through aches and pains. Give a mental kiss, send love, express compassion and wish it well like you would a dear sick friend. Promise to check back on it soon and be tender with it like you would your sick child.

Mantra: I love my body with all my heart. I am Divinely created and I am perfect just the way I am.


TéO, I met someone yesterday. Meeting her was like getting splashed with cold water when you don’t expect to…it’s refreshing, but in a jarring sort of way. Why is she here?

She is a mirror for people she encounters. A conduit for them to find their way back to themselves. She must first recognize that there is no wrong way. There is just the way. Every thought, action and motion is closely orchestrated to bring her closer into alignment. She needs to recognize them as such and trust that every person is there to show her herself. The people she is put in front of are there to help her get closer to herself. There is no wrong. She is a conduit to show people their right by birth.

Stay grounded H.M., practice quiet patient listening, listen for the pauses between the noise.

Your role is to help polish the diamond in the rough. She is you when you first found yourself.


You can be in a war zone and be completely at peace. You can stand in a chaotic place like Legoland and be at peace because the wellspring of peace, the source of it is within you. Who you BE in the world doesn’t change with where you are. That stays the same regardless of the interactions.

Your True North, your Guiding Star is your inner guidance that drives you forward.

If you can tap into this Source within– if you can actually use the power that is latent within you to slow you down, to steady your heartbeat, to pause your step, your thoughts, your breath and your pace, you will find peace.

Peace isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a state of heart. Peace is what will help you live your greatest potential.

It’s not in DOING that life is won. It’s in the BEING. You can BE only when you are at peace with who you are. You can be at peace with who you are only if you find that stillness within you.

Once you do, your life could be full speed ahead- but at complete peace with who you are in the world – and from that place- you will find a wellspring of everything you need to propel you forward at light speed. Because after all, time is relative.

One Foot In Front of the Other

So lately I’ve been having these flash thoughts– doubting my ability to do certain things. Thoughts like– “it’s too hard,” “maybe I’m not cut out to do this,” maybe this is not for me.” They don’t linger because I immediately squash the thought. But I’m curious why this is coming up…and what I can to do about it.

TéO: “Stay focused on the doing. Stay focused on the process and not the outcome and be consistent with your activity. Be mindful of those thoughts but don’t condemn yourself for having them. Simply bless and release them and support your inner child to be happy and confident in what she is capable of doing.

Remind her that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that everything challenging has been overcome by simply being in the activity needed and doing it without being too focused on the outcome.

This is what it looks like to have complete faith in the activity that you are called to put forth.”

I think back on my days in New York. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish the milestones that I did. I simply put one foot in front of the other and forged on. Trusting that the work I was doing would yield results. And it did. Just one foot in front of the other.

On Dealing With Someone You Love

TéO, help me understand how i am to deal with him?

He is your mirror in many ways- he is here for your next level growth. You have your own personal growth met – when you heed that, you are able to not get sucked in and respond from the place where you always respond from. We will help you in this matter – just remember to let us in. Create space and quiet for us to talk through you. Keep The Alchemist on his bedside and remind him to read it. He is on the verge of a major breakthrough and he needs to maintain his equilibrium and be in harmony. His is the sign of the scales- Justice- Libra- this is so vital to him. Injustice is hard for him to allow into his experiences hence his freakout. Help him understand that this is who he is, and to temper the peaks and valleys and maintain harmony and equilibrium to absorb the stress into his being doesn’t serve him and is not why he experiences stress. He experiences stress to manage it. To round out one more aspect of his personality- to make one more facet of his diamond shine. He is extraordinary. He is closer on his evolutionary journey than so many. If he only allows himself the space to Believe!

His genius is unmatched in his time and how he manages his state matters for his genius to be uncovered.

The Only Way Is Through

Yesterday i was sitting at Stonehaus with a colleague and across from me was this little bundle of just 6 months old. She had the most extraordinary face and smile. She kept catching my attention with her smile and smiled at me so much and so broadly that her mother and her friend looked around to see who she was smiling at. ME!

TéO why was she smiling at me so much? I was so distracted from my own conversation- i couldn’t help but keep staring and smiling at her too!

That little girl was validating how you are feeling and what you are doing which is completely aligned with your Soul’s purpose. She was simply a reflection of the pure joy and happiness your Soul is experiencing at being fully recognized and alive. That smile that cannot be contained; the love and light that emanates from her eyes are simply a reflection of you and how you feel and are showing up in this lifetime.

Excited. Giddy. On Purpose and Absolutely Delighted to be alive!

So who we are is reflected back to us in the people around us. They’re mirrors for us to see what it is within us that coming up for changing.

I’ve learned early on that life happens for us and not to us. We receive the pain, trauma, disease, illness, heartache, loss of a loved one, not because God is cruel, but because this is the life we signed up to live so that we might have the experiences we need to have to transcend to the next level. If we don’t learn the lesson it will repeat (this i can attest too! I’m thick headed sometimes, but learning fast to recognize the lesson for what it is!)

Pain flows through us a lot faster if we let it flow instead of getting it stuck inside us. The only way is through.

Focus on Love

TéO talk to me about Focus.

Most people focus on the things that they think will bring abundance and prosperity; hence focus is on activity, doing and performing. Focus in the truest sense is single pointedly setting your mind on just one thing– love. If you focus on love for yourself, for your fellow human beings and even focus on love of your life as it is right now, then love will translate into beauty, and abundance will follow. The key is keep your focus on love. From a place of love- the activities that follow cannot help but lead to abundance, prosperity and all the worldly attributes that one strives for.

2017 Christmas Message

More than ever before we want for humankind love, compassion and kindness.

Your world is changing, your land, your people, your very life is being shifted to engage and embrace a new way of being.

The normal is shifting from isolation to community.

Come together like never before- band like the sisters and brothers that you are – dissolve boundaries and borders and make it ‘one’ world. A world that is loving, forgiving and compassionate.

If you bring love forward, hate can’t help but be pushed back! Bring peace forward and war will find itself pushed out.

There is strength in numbers and when more and more people collectively send love, peace and kindness then that is what will be the new normal.

There is no room for negativity and hate if you emanate love. There is no room for scarcity and lack of you emanate abundance and joy.

There is great wealth! Wealth of health, happiness, love, compassion, kindness, laughter and great beauty. Think love, be love, show love and receive love! ~ TéO