Sleep is when I talk to you and work through you.

It is when your analytical mind has finally shut down and I can take over and love, heal and work on you…my perfection.

Sleep not only heal and regenerates, sleep helps you connect to the Divine.

Sleep equalizes life.

You’re neither rich, nor poor, happy nor sad, you feel no other emotions when you sleep.

You think nothing, are nothing and feel nothing.

Sleep restores you to the way the Divine creates you.

Sleep is my time with you, don’t short change me.

You get 16 hours, be sure to give me 8.

For Now, Rest. 

Ah yes, we see and feel your conflict. You’re right, this is you stepping outside your comfort zone. This is you surrendering and trusting that it’s happening the way it’s meant to. This is you trusting deeply, that your way, your very different way is blazing a trail for others who don’t want to be in adrenaline overload all the time because that invites sickness and disease. You are sleeping so much because your body is transforming and transfiguring. This is what happens in Death. The long sleep for the soul to program for the next iteration. We see the automaticity taking effect. We see you correcting your personal will thoughts; trusting and surrendering. We feel your struggle, we hear you feeling like you’re not doing enough–you’re guided, you’re following, you’re listening, you’re feeling. We know this is different for you, we know you are resisting, we know you feel like you need to do more. You will. But for now– rest! 

On Sleep and Success

What came up for me is around my habits and behavior. TéO help me understand why I’m sleeping more and not able to wake up as I usually would at 5am. I also feel like I’m not maintaining good habits. 

TéO: It is in the sleep state that you leave your physical body and are one with the Universe- as you move toward this oneness, as you truly embrace this and understand that every action, every thought, every sip that you drink & every morsel you eat automatically is a direct God link- it’s not your will- your tastes- your thoughts – you’re simply acting out Universal Will. Trust that your Universe connection require sleep. Here’s where the regeneration happens, here is where turn body heals and becomes whole and here is where you strengthen your connection to Source. 

Now to talk about habits and accomplishment. This is what humankind has done. They measure themselves according to someone else’s journey. They believe that because that person has done life successfully in a certain manner they can too. Or that that is how they should be successful. What if your soul’s journey in this lifetime is not to be one of success as is measured by your society? What if success is simply as you set out to be- a good parent, partner and living a life changing lives wherever you are. What if success isn’t touching millions of lives but just dozens? What if success is simply BEing content with yourself and not stretching or being in discomfort? What if you just stopped trying to DO and allows yourself to BE so that the DOing that follows as a result of this was Divinely coming through you and had nothing to do with your intellect or head space?

You are already seeing this in your life and work- trusting, pausing is truly slowing your life down in this way is the true key to success.